EHS Director

We have a deep understanding of the challenges facing EHS directors. As the owner of your organization’s EHS strategy, you have to create operational efficiencies and reduce costs, while also exceeding compliance standards. It’s a delicate balancing act. We understand because we spent decades helping EHS directors achieve their goals. Our enterprise EHS software is purpose-built to improve employee health and safety, streamlining processes and ensuring compliance with corporate and regulatory standards. We help mitigate many risks faced by organizations today, such as risk of data breach or loss, corporate exposure to litigation, fines due to legal violations and reputation damage due to an EHS event.

We believe that by providing a commercial off-the-shelf solution, we can help support best-in-class processes and industry best practices. Our software is updated regularly to ensure that it always responsive to the needs of our customers.

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Medgate is developed with input from industry-leading EHS experts. Our development and implementation teams are filled with EHS experience, and we use that experience to build software that reflects how EHS departments work, and help implement that software in a way that supports best practice processes.

We know that controlling costs is important. Medgate’s ISO 27001:2015-certified Software as a Service (SaaS) solution provides all the features and functionality of Medgate’s web-based software but hosted our reliable, secure, cost-effective data centers. This allows customers to focus on Health and Safety business needs, not IT, and avoid the costs of installing, managing and maintaining a software environment.

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