About Us

Purpose Built and Supported by EHS Professionals

Medgate is the industry’s leading Environmental Health and Safety software solution, used by health & safety professionals across a wide range of industries around the world. Our software is developed and implemented by accredited EHS professionals with real world experience.

With Medgate software, you can:

  • Integrate data between EHS functions
  • Standardize workflows and processes

  • Track performance and identify risks, trends and problem areas with key metrics

Advantages of Medgate

  • Supports OSHA compliance
  • The most comprehensive functionality and user-friendly design in the market
  • Our implementation consultants are experienced EHS professionals
  • Proven Return on Investment

  • Comprehensive reporting tools and configurable dashboards
  • Configurable Workflow and Business rule settings
  • Active user community and user conferences

What can Medgate do for your organization? Read some of our customer testimonials to discover benefits realized with using Medgate software.

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