This whitepaper was originally published in Occupational Health Magazine (Vol. 62, no.4), in April 2010. It discusses the legal concerns that many multi-national organisations have when storing sensitive employee data. Written by Medgate President and CEO, Mark Wallace, this article is useful to any company that is global in nature (or would like to be).

This article can be found in the May 2006 issue of the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. It features a study that quantifies the return on investment of an in-house disability management program implemented at Shell Oil Company to reduce non-occupational absences.

Measuring the Impact of Occupational Health Nursing; Philip L Denniston Jr, Patricia Whelan; AAOHN Journal; thorofare: Feb 2005, volume 53, issue 2, page 84, 12 pages

Written by Katie Caffey; ISS Smmer Intern; published in ISS Link volume 6, issue 3

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