The Body Fluid Exposure (BFE) Module in Medgate’s Occupational Health Software Suite provides organisations with a comprehensive and robust tool to track, record, and manage all staff exposures to splashes / sharps / needlesticks.

Key Benefits of the Body Fluid Exposure Module:

This module enables occupational health departments to:

  • Integrate with the Case Management and Incident Management modules for effective communication and seamless data sharing between departments/functions for occupational body fluid exposures
  • Demonstrate appropriate due diligence by tracking exposure protocols followed for each exposure / conversion
  • Configure your BFE data capture form to company specific workflows and processes based on the type of exposure (sharp/needlestick, splash or aerosol transmissible diseases (ATDs))
  • Record clinical testing and immunisations administered to the source and the exposed employee

How does the Body Fluid Exposure Module Work?

The features of this module fall into three groups:

Tracking and Managing Body Fluid Exposures

  • Capture details on how the body fluid exposure occurred and share this data with the case manager/incident investigator as appropriate; details include date, location, description, and cause of the incident
  • Record the element the body fluid was exposed to from a company-tailored list of potential exposures; volume and severity of the exposure are also captured
  • Assess and note the risk level of the exposure
  • Track information specific to the type of exposure – for example, in the event of a syringe exposure, you might track whether it was safety engineered, whether the safety mechanism was activated, whether it was contaminated, etc.
  • Ensure that the source individual (if known) is tracked on the record
  • Record whether the exposed employee converted (contracted the disease/illness and/or tested positive for the disease i.e. tuberculosis)
  • Document any exposure protocols followed and immunisations administered:
    • Link the appropriate protocol to the exposure record including start and end dates
    • Track immunisation and clinical testing for the exposed person (via direct links to the Clinical Testing and Immunisation Modules); if immunisation tests are selected, automatic workflow will ensure that employees are recalled for subsequent doses
    • Track any testing administered to the source
  • Reference any medications, allergies, and contraindications for the exposed employee
  • Create and track any corrective actions associated with the BFE (see the Findings & Actions Module)
  • Access, create, and/or attach any questionnaires, notes and documents associated with the BFE

Body Fluid Exposure Reports

  • Report on any data captured in this module using Medgate’s flexible Report Writer tool
  • Analyse exposure counts by department/geographic location, risk level, part of body, or other BFE dimensions using the powerful Metrics tool

Integration Points

The Body Fluid Exposure Module integrates with the following modules in the Medgate System:

Safety Software Suite:

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