The Chemical Management Module in Medgate’s Environmental Software Suite is used to inventory chemicals, store Material Safety Data Sheets and track chemical usage.

Key Features and Benefits of the Chemical Management Module:

  • Link and store current manufacture MSDSs with product records
  • Archive historical MSDSs when a newer MSDS is attached to a product record
  • Track and search products by trade name, chemical name or ingredient
  • Record detailed product information including manufacturer, MSDS expiration period and date, physical description, and NFPA hazard classifications
  • Attach standard phrases and symbols to the product
  • Print labels for the product including GHS, WHMIS and NFPA symbols
  • For inventory purposes, track product storage/location details, including geographic/organisational information, average amount and inventory review date

  • Provide different views and access privileges for chemical managers, designates (those defined as responsible for a product in inventory), and public users
    • Chemical managers have full access and can add, update both products and MSDSs. They also have ability to manage and assign chemical inventories and process and approve/reject chemical requests
    • Designates can view and add products to their inventory but cannot modify product records. Designates can also view MSDSs, print labels and reports, and submit requests to add or update an MSDS or purchase a chemical
    • Public users can search and view manufacturer MSDSs. They cannot view the inventory locations where a product is located, nor can they access or edit product records.


  • Run our Standard Reports tool to quickly report on various chemical product data such as chemical inventory (SARA Tier II report), MSDS expiry report, and more
  • Utilize the Report Writer tool to report on any data gathered within the module
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