The Compliance Management Module in Medgate’s Environmental Software Suite offers environmental/EHS professionals a centralised approach to the management of all compliance tracking activity. This module will help organisations satisfy environmental management system (EMS) requirements as well as compliance to various regulatory, corporate, and permit requirements.


Key Benefits of the Compliance Management Module

The Compliance Management module will help environmental/EHS professionals to:

  • Create a library of legal and other requirements that pertain to your organisation across regions/locations/areas
  • Manage and satisfy ISO 14001 / OSHAS 18001 / ANSI Z10 requirements
  • Allow for separate management of safety and environmental compliance depending on your organisational structure (or view requirements in one combined list)


  • Manage permit and environmental plan requirements and renewals, including the related record-keeping
  • Seamlessly connect compliance requirements to various parts of your system (i.e.: job inventory, inspections) – ‘compliance mapping’
  • Ensure you are organised and prepared for management system / compliance audits


How Does The Compliance Management Module Work?

This module offers several key features that will help you efficiently organise and manage compliance requirements. The features of this module are grouped as follows:



Legal & other requirements

  • Efficiently build and understand your detailed inventory of requirements such as:

    • ISO 14001
    • OHSAS 18001
    • ANSI Z10
    • Permits
    • Any other requirement that your organisation subscribes to


    • Country regulation requirements (OSHA, EPA, HSE, etc.)
    • Provincial, state, or local requirements
    • Corporate standards and requirements


  • Create and track compliance actions corresponding to the requirement (one time or recurring)
  • Add checklists, notes, documents, etc. to the compliance item or action
  • Connect compliance requirements to jobs within your organisation through integration with the job inventory within the Risk Assessment module
  • Utilise legal/other requirements to build needs assessments by location/area (i.e.: risk assessment priority, training needs, equipment testing, etc.)
  • Configure your compliance management system to align with your processes; for example, you may choose to begin by tracking permits only, and then add legal requirements later as/if necessary

Environmental Permits & Plans

  • Track permitting requirements
  • Connect legal requirements to permits
  • Create and track compliance actions related to the permit
  • Improve permit record-keeping and add checklists, notes, documents, etc. to the permit item or action

Compliance Calendar


  • Manage all compliance activities from one central ‘home page’ and focus on priority actions
  • Maintain a central, comprehensive view of all compliance actions, their statuses, and associated requirements
    • For Admin users this can be filtered by location, compliance type, and assignee


  • Access and update any action record directly from within the main compliance calendar, without having to navigate to other sections of the application
  • Findings and Actions can be auto created based on compliance questionnaires


Metrics and Reporting

Leverage Medgate’s Business Intelligence tools to measure and analyse your compliance data

Integration Points

The Compliance Management module is integral to both the Safety and Environmental Software Suites. In the Environmental Software Suite, it integrates with the following modules:



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