The COSHH module within Medgate’s Safety Software Suite enables organisations to ensure compliance to COSHH requirements. This flexible and robust module is a one-stop shop to identify hazards, perform risk assessments, track controls, ensure compliance, and ultimately mitigate exposures to hazardous substances.

Key Benefits of the COSHH Module

The COSHH module will enable you to:

  • Record and manage all COSHH-specific risk assessments
  • Effectively evaluate risks to health and decide on appropriate mitigating measures
  • Track and evaluate the impact of controls

  • Track and trend changes in risk to jobs over time
  • Promote effective ‘Management of Change’ for COSHH-specific actions by creating an automatic link between risk change and actions

How does COSHH Module Work?

Below are some of the key features of this module. To learn about the details of how assessments are managed in Medgate, please review the Risk Assessment module.

COSHH Assessments

  • Configure Medgate’s risk assessment tool to be a COSHH assessment for hazardous substances
  • View and manage COSHH assessments separately from other risk assessments
  • Attach documents, images, MSDS’, findings & actions to the COSHH assessment

  • Link assessments to specific jobs, sites, locations or business units
  • Create COSHH exposure groups based on job to allow you to effectively implement mitigating actions (ie: training) or recall appropriate employees for COSHH-related surveillance

COSHH Metrics

  • Build flexible graphs with Medgate’s metrics tool using any COSHH data so that you can track risk change over time or compare risk in various locations
  • Post any graphs you build to your dashboard
  • Track comparative data, such as targets vs. actual

COSHH Metrics

The COSHH module is only found within Medgate’s Safety Software Suite. In the Safety Software Suite, this module integrates with these other modules:

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