The Drug Testing Module is part of Medgate’s Occupational Health Software Suite. This module enables occupational health professionals to run both deliberate (i.e. pre-employment, for cause, post accident) and random drug testing within their organisation and fulfill employee drug testing requirements. Alcohol testing can also be tracked.

The Key Benefits of Medgate’s Drug Testing Module:

The Drug Testing Module will enable occupational health professionals to:

  • Monitor a specific pool of employees based on job title, department, or other HR/geographical data
  • Either deliberately select or randomise the selection of employees who are brought in for drug testing (using a system-generated randomisation algorithm)

  • Note status for collection including employees who refused testing or were excused from testing
  • Track individual tests in the drug test battery and the related results for each test
  • Run a host of standard reports

How Does The Drug Testing Module Work?

The Drug Testing Module includes many invaluable features that will help you quickly and effectively monitor employees for drug and alcohol consumption. This module has the following categories:

Drug Draws

  • Easily create pool(s) of employees from which the drug draw will be created:
    • Include employees by job title, department, or other HR/geographical data
    • Manually include/exclude employees based on program requirements
  • Identify the disposition of the employee after testing i.e. returned to work, sent to rehabilitation, terminated
  • Tailor drug pools by selecting the percentage of employees to test for drugs or alcohol, and then select the frequency at which the selection should be randomised (if at all)
  • If randomisation is required, the system will run an algorithm to randomly select the number of employees you require for the draw from the pool;
  • Security is built-in to ensure that the user cannot view employees in the draw until after the randomisation algorithm is run and saved

  • Testing is automatically set up once you select the range of dates for the test(s), and the day(s) of the week you wish to perform testing
  • View a list of all employees in the drug testing pool / draw, including those who are also flagged for alcohol testing
  • View system-generated calculations of the number of employees you will test per year, the number of draws done to date, the number of remaining tests in the year, expected number of employees per draw
  • Send a printed copy of employees selected for testing to supervisors
  • Define the battery of tests that you wish to run on a pool of employees, and track the laboratory analysing the samples and related results
  • Track the status of the employee’s test; whether samples were collected, the employee was excused (if not able to come in for testing), or the employee refused to participate

Drug Testing

  • Track sample date (auto-populated), sample type, specimen ID (chain of custody form number), the administrator, test reviewer, sample reason and pool name (auto-populated)
  • Track whether the positive results were verified by a physician (i.e.: a certified Medical Review Officer)

  • On each employee record, view the list of tests that should be administered based on the battery previously selected for the draw
  • Easily enter drug/alcohol testing results on one form or import results from one or more employees from a laboratory worksheet (i.e.: HL7 form)


  • Run various system reports using Medgate’s Standard Reports tool, including a summary of test results, drug DOT report, and drug pool employee reports

Integration Points

Below is a list of the modules that integrate with the Drug Testing module in Medgate’s Occupational Health Software Suite:

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