The Event Reporting module is a component of Medgate’s Safety and Environmental software suite and is tightly integrated with Medgate’s Incident Management module. This standalone module is used to provide supervisors, managers, clinics, or field employees the ability to quickly record and report safety and environmental events without accessing the full Medgate application.

Key Benefits of Medgate’s Environmental Event Reporting Module:

This module will enable environmental/EHS professionals to:

  • Support broad workforce participation by allowing thousands of non-Medgate users to submit environmental events using simple standalone links (no login required to submit)
  • Rapidly gather pertinent information from your workforce on events, incidents, suggestions, or observations

  • Increase speed of data sharing by automatically notifying all relevant parties (supervisors, EHS, etc.) when an event report is submitted

How Does The Event Reporting Module Work?

The event reporting module will help you improve, accelerate, and streamline the reporting of incidents and events within your organisation. The features of the event reporting module are grouped as follows:

Event Reporting

  • Allow employees to submit an event to the Medgate system using a simple online form via a kiosk or workstation. The event submitter will not have access to any other data in the application
  • Report on different types of events:

    • Injury /Illness
    • Property Damage
    • Near Miss

    • Environmental spill or release
    • Notice of violations
    • Observation / Suggestion / Other

  • Configure a unique event reporting form or screen for each type of event, prompting the submitter to enter only the relevant data
  • Capture detailed information on the event that can include employees involved, location, description, witnesses, date/time, part of body affected (for injury/illness), etc.
  • Allow the event submitter to attach documents/pictures and suggest actions
  • Trigger automatic email notifications to any and all relevant parties within your organisation (ie: safety manager)once the event report has been saved and submitted

Event Reporting Inbox

  • View and review all events reported through the standalone event reporting module through one central access point
  • Post an event to the Incident Management module once it is has been reviewed and validated. You can post to an existing incident report or create a new one. If you are creating a new incident report, the following will happen:
    • The original event report will be read-only
    • The incident report fields in the incident management module will be auto-populated with the relevant data, so you can efficiently complete the record
  • Once the event has been posted, you can launch a comprehensive incident investigation process through the environmental Incident Management module
  • Gather a tally of any non-incident events (ie: # of observations by area)


Manipulate event reporting data and build graphs using Medgate’s Business Intelligence tools

Integration Points

The event reporting module is part of both the Medgate Safety and Environmental Software Suites, but is configured differently to respond to the unique data collection needs of each area. In the Environmental Suite, it integrates with the Incident Management module.

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