The Inventory Module is part of Medgate’s Occupational Health Software Suite and integrates directly with the Immunisation Module. This module helps organisations to efficiently manage their vaccine inventory.

Key Features and Benefits of the Inventory Module:

This module enables occupational health departments to:

  • Track a complete inventory of vaccines by health center; link a vaccine to a health center by lot number for easy identification
  • Track initial stock and stock additions; the system will then automatically calculate the quantity in stock using the vaccine doses given as tracked in the Immunisation Module
  • Add new vaccines to your vaccine inventory on the fly for efficient, fast workflow

  • Define your threshold inventory for each vaccine, which is the quantity at which you wish to be alerted that the vaccine inventory is low; this triggers an immediate visual alert (i.e.: module name is red in the system) to notify you to re-stock
  • Record expiration dates for the vaccines, which transfers to the Immunisation Module to ensure that staff are not administering expired vaccines

Integration Points

Below is a list of the modules that integrate with the Inventory Module in the Occupational Health Software Suite:

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