The Laboratory Requisition Module in Medgate’s Occupational Hygiene Software Suite enables the results of IH samples to be quickly and efficiently uploaded and stored in the Medgate system.

Key Benefits of the Laboratory Requisition Module:

  • Batch samples on a laboratory requisition by laboratory, survey and/or industrial hygienist who performed the sampling
  • Send the requisition to a laboratory directly from within the Medgate system or grant them direct access to the Medgate system
  • Receive and store laboratory analytical results by either:

    • Providing laboratories with a secure ID that gives them permission to access laboratory requisitions sent to their specific lab only. The laboratory can then interface with the requisition import file to upload results

    • Exporting the laboratory requisition into MS Excel and sending via email to the lab, who can update the file with the sample results; results can then be quickly imported back into the system through the front end using the lab requisition import feature

  • View and manage all laboratory requisitions including the laboratory where samples were sent, date sent, sample status (i.e. sent to lab, lab work complete), sample number and analysis requested.
  • Reject samples back to laboratory should there be any issues with the analysis

Reports / Analysis

  • Effectively analyse sampling data with our powerful Metrics tool

Integration Points

The Laboratory Requisition Module integrates with the following modules in the Occupational Hygiene Software Suite:

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