The Scheduling Module is a central hub to manage all clinic activities within Medgate’s Occupational Health Software Suite. This dynamic on-line appointment calendar enables organisations to run an efficient occupational health clinic through the automation of clinic scheduling activities.

Key Benefits of the Scheduling Module:

This module will enable occupational health clinics to:

  • Efficiently manage schedules with daily, weekly, or master views to oversee multiple practitioner schedules at once; this function can also be used to manage exam room and medical equipment schedules
  • Run effective scheduling reports
  • Link directly to the relevant clinic activity record from within the schedule, with auto-population of the patient’s demographic data

  • Connect directly with the Surveillance Recalls module to effectively manage all employee medical and educational surveillance activities
  • Allow users to add schedules to their personalised medical dashboard with direct links to the clinic activity
  • Grant different schedule access to practitioners and non-practitioners

How does the Scheduling Module Work?

The features of this module fall into three groups:

Managing Schedules and Appointments

  • Allow each scheduling user to set up their available times, for each health center in which they work; easily change scheduling availability for those practitioners with a rotating schedule
  • Define the intervals at which you would like to see the practitioner’s availability (i.e.: 30 minutes, 10 minutes, one hour, etc.); you can schedule appointments over multiple intervals
  • View the status of the appointment at-a-glance with color-coded attendance statuses (i.e.: failed to show, late, re-scheduled, complete, etc.)
  • Easily mitigate double-bookings with visual notification on the schedule (i.e.: the appointment turns red if it there is a conflict)
  • Create appointments directly within the practitioner’s on-line schedule and select whether you would like to view the schedule by activity or employee name
  • Tight integration between modules ensures that activity status is automatically marked as completed if the activity was completed in another module (i.e.: Audiometric Testing Module)

  • Gain quick details on the appointment by hovering over the appointment in the schedule to view special notes associated with the appointment
  • View all of the past and currently scheduled appointments for an employee, as well as all his/her surveillance activities and exposure group clearances
  • Define a recurrence for an appointment; the schedule will automatically be populated with the recurring appointments
  • Send e-mail appointment notifications to the employee; the employee can ‘accept’ and it will be automatically added to their Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes calendar
  • Access your to-do list on the same screen as your daily schedule for efficient management of upcoming tasks
  • Schedule reminders for appointments that will display on your / the practitioner’s to-do list

Scheduling Reports

  • Run scheduling reports quickly using the Standard Reports tool (i.e.: completed schedule activities, schedule status, etc.)
  • Generate notification letters to inform employees / practitioners / supervisors of scheduled activities
  • Print your schedule and to-do list in one click from within the module
  • Use Medgate’s Report Writer tool to track any information captured within the module

Integration Points

The Scheduling Module integrates with the following modules in the Medgate system:

Occupational Health Software Suite:

Training Software Suite (all modules)

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