The Survey Module in Medgate’s Industrial Hygiene Software Suite is a powerful tool to help industrial hygienists create effective quantitative sampling plans based on qualitative risk assessment data. The module is used as a central point to view and access all results of the sampling plan.

Key Benefits of the Survey Module:

This module will enable industrial hygienists to:

  • Manage all surveys through one interface
  • Create and manage sample data for chemical, biological and physical stressors through seamless integration with the Monitoring Module
  • Build survey plans based on current risk assessment data through a survey building tool accessed via the Qualitative Exposure Assessment Module


  • Track completion status of a survey plan directly via the survey and through reports
  • Efficiently store and manage documents related to a survey (e.g. Lab report, field notes, photos)
  • Include user-defined field inspection checklists within a survey, which will also allow you to automatically create findings and corrective actions based on checklist responses (see the Questionnaire Module)


How does the Survey Module Work?

The features of this module are as follows:



Defining surveys/sampling plans

  • Record detailed survey information including survey type, name, start and end dates, description, process and all geographical/location information
  • Identify any products that are related to the survey
  • Create and define parameters for your survey plan(s)
  • Record details of your plan, including process, task, job, exposure group, agent, sample type, limit type, number of samples to be collected / number of employees to be samples, sampling frequency (gap/period), collection media andanalytical method
  • Grant or deny security privileges to specific surveys for users with restricted access (i.e. consultants and technicians)
  • Create and track any findings and corrective actions related to the survey directly from within the survey record (connects with the Findings & Actions Module)


  • Quickly run a number of survey and sampling reports using Medgate’s Standard Reports tool, including detailed monitoring results by survey
  • Use our flexible Report Writer tool to report on any information captured with the module
  • Effectively analyse sampling data with our powerful Metrics tool

Integration Points

The Survey Module integrates with the following modules in the Industrial Hygiene Software Suite:



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