The Travel Clearance Module is a component of Medgate’s Occupational Health Software Suite. This module enables occupational health clinics to ensure that employees are medically prepared for travel by managing and tracking required immunisations as well as travel kits.

Key Benefits of Medgate’s Travel Clearance Module:

This module allows organisations to:

  • Define and manage immunisation programs for various travel destinations
  • Record employee travel clearances and restrictions; restrictions also appear on the employee’s electronic medical record in the Medical Chart Module

  • Track all immunisations that have been given to an employee who is traveling to the selected destination
  • Integrate with the Immunisation Module to ensure employees receive all doses of immunisations through automatic workflows and email notifications

How does the Travel Clearance Module Work?

The features of this module fall into three groups:

Recording Immunisations and Clearances

  • Link destinations to travel clearance programs (immunisation programs); employees who are selected to travel to a specific destination are automatically added to the corresponding program
  • Define all of the recommended protocols for your travel program based on your reference source (i.e.: CDC, WHO) or company requirements
  • Within the travel clearance record, capture details such as:

    • Destination the employee is traveling to
    • Initial date and final date of the immunisation program

    • Clearance type (i.e.: international, national, rural, etc.), status (cleared, restricted, etc.), and date clearance was given

  • View a detailed summary of the pre-defined immunisations for the destination and the status of all immunisations, including:

    • The date the last dose was given, if applicable
    • The due date of the next dose

    • Whether the employee should be given the immunisation (‘do not give’ will be selected if there is an allergy or other contraindication recorded in the system)

  • Add additional immunisations for the employee to the immunisation program on an ad-hoc basis
  • Connect directly to the immunisation test record via the immunisation summary to manage / track any immunisations relating to the travel
  • Automatically track all immunisation recalls relating to the travel based on your company-specific recall intervals and automatically notify employees when they are due for the next dose
  • Record the travel kit including specific medications and other supplies provided to the employee from a company-defined selection list

Travel Clearance Reports

  • Use Medgate’s flexible Report Writer tool to report on additional data captured in the module

Integration Points

The Travel Clearance Module integrates with the following modules in the Medgate software system:

Occupational Health Software Suite:

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