The Vision Testing Module in Medgate’s Occupational Health Software Suite provides occupational health professionals with the ability to manage and record all employee vision tests for compliance purposes as well as for pro-active vision monitoring.

Key Benefits of the Vision Testing Module:

This module allows organisations to:

  • Track all vision testing, both ad-hoc and relating to medical surveillance programs
  • Ensure compliance by electronically tracking all fit / unfit results and running reports based on this information
  • Record corrected and uncorrected results
  • Manage vision tests with test formats specific to Titmus, Keystone (UK), and Keystone (US)
  • Record glasses details, including type, contacts, prescription / prescription change
  • Flag any vision test on the problem list

  • Create vision occupation groups and define criteria for each group, which allows you to track which results represent a pass, warning, or fail, for example; colored icons beside each result allow you to quickly visualise the employee’s test results compared to the criteria
  • Track U.S. Department of Transportation color testing as part of the vision test
  • Efficiently access vision test results from the employee’s electronic medical record in the Medical Chart Module
  • Add notes to the vision test record

Vision Testing Reports

  • Use Medgate’s Standard Reports tool to quickly report on all fit / unfit results, employee vision testing history, and status of vision tests (i.e.: pass/warnings/failures if recorded)
  • Run reports on any data in the module with the Report Writer tool
  • Leverage Medgate’s dynamic Metrics tool to effectively analyse vision test count by various dimensions, including employee geographic location, occupation group, and vision test result

Integration Points

The Vision Testing Module integrates with the following modules in Medgate’s Occupational Health Software Suite:

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