Client Services

We have all the resources required to implement the software successfully, ensuring a complete system fit. We focus on providing timely and professional IT support to manage problems and concerns. Overall, Medgate is the full package: a leading edge product with the critical implementationinstallation and training expertise to drive your business success.

Installation Services

Medgate provides technical services, either on-site or through extended remote support, to assist with the installation and configuration of the software with the client’s IT resources. This ensures that the installation is efficient and that the users can immediately begin to access the system.

Advanced Database Administration Services

Medgate Technical Services can help you with the implementation of database security and database administrational roles, which include system settings, server configurations and table entries, as well as the conversion of Legacy System data to the Medgate application.

Legacy data from either a previous health and safety system or paper file can be added to the Medgate application. Paper files will have to be input manually while the conversion of data from a previous system can be mapped to the Medgate database by the client’s IT resources with the assistance of Medgate technical services or performed entirely by Medgate.

Superior Software Implementation

We know that software is only part of the equation. The success of an implementation process will depend largely on the expertise and commitment of our people. We will facilitate superior implementation planning, through processes such as gap analysis, implementation planning/pre-training, and final end user training on the software. We distinguish ourselves from the competition by hiring only certified professionals from the field – people with years of nursing, safety and IH experience.

Critical Project Management Standards

Medgate also follows an established standard for project management. From the initial project lift-off, to development of the project plan and to delivery, Medgate delivers on- time and on-budget.

Your Personal Representative: An Experienced Client Services Manager

Medgate assigns a primary Client Services Consultant (CSC) to each client. The CSC is your personal representative at Medgate, who will work closely with your designated project manager(s) to promote ongoing and effective communication.

Each CSC is a highly qualified and experienced professional with first hand knowledge of the many issues involved in implementing software applications as well as real life OH&S experiences.

The CSC also works closely with you to understand your unique business process concerns; assist in the preparation of a project plan; define and further refine users requirements in order to achieve a “system fit”; and communicate modifications required to the standard software to Medgate programming staff.

The CSC is also responsible for recommending the appropriate training program and tailoring this to users’ requirements. We can also assist with personnel, from Medgate or from its systems integration partners, for internal project management for the client’s Medgate implementation initiative.

Expert Training

We have designed structured, hands-on training programs to meet the specific learning needs of different groups of users, and provide two types of training programs:

  • Formalized ‘hands-on’ instructions for groups of primary users

  • An intensive program of training designed for staff required to train end users (‘Train-the-Trainer’).

User training is organized into a series of training sessions carefully designed to meet the learning needs of individual users. All new Medgate users are provided with formalized classroom instruction on the software operating system and hands-on instructions on the applications selected.

A Wide Variety of Training Options

  • New User/End User Training – Primary users find Medgate very easy to learn because the software has been designed in a logical manner and the data entry procedures are standardized across all Modules.
  • Module Specific Training
  • Refresher Courses

  • “Train-the-Trainer” Program – This is an intensive training program which gives the designated trainer-trainee to an in-depth understanding of the software system and to communicate to others how it will be used to support business practices. Training can be done at the client site or at Medgate’s corporate training facility in Toronto.

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