Improve Ergonomic Data Collection and Mitigate Ergonomic Risk

Medgate’s Ergonomics Software Suite empowers ergonomists with a complete solution to effectively manage ergonomic data collection and assessments. While our in-house ergonomists have tailored the modules in this Medgate software suite to ergonomic-specific workflows and processes, the flexible Medgate platform enables customers to easily configure the software to organisational requirements and/or personal preferences.

Key Benefits of Medgate’s Ergonomics Suite:

This software suite will enable ergonomists to:

  • Manage organisation-wide ergonomic audits and inspections, as well as individual ergonomic assessments
  • Manage ergonomic risk assessments and effectively mitigate ergonomic risk
  • Capture virtually any data you require by building and configuring flexible ergonomic tools including risk assessment tools, inspection checklists, and self-assessment questionnaires

  • Consolidate ergonomic findings & actions together in one logical interface
  • Effectively manage the implementation of ergonomic risk controls
  • Share data with medical and safety as appropriate to ensure effective communication in managing ergonomic issues
  • Use Medgate’s Business Intelligence tools to analyse and report on ergonomic data

The modules in Medgate’s Ergonomics Suite will enable you to realise these and other benefits.

Ergonomics Software Suite Modules

Click on one of the modules below to learn more.

Audits & InspectionsThe Audits & Inspections Module in Medgate’s Ergonomics Software Suite is an important tool to help ergonomists manage all aspects of their ergonomic-specific audit and inspection programs.
Equipment ErgonomicsProvides ergonomists with the ability to comprehensively manage a wide variety of ergonomic equipment that should be tracked, calibrated, inspected or maintained.
Risk Assessment ErgonomicsPlan and build an effective risk assessment program and perform ongoing analysis to continuously evaluate and mitigate ergonomic risk.
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