The Medgate Dashboard provides any and all Medgate users the ability to see and track their most important OH&S data in one central location.

Key Features and Benefits of the Medgate Dashboard

  • Gain real-time insight on key performance indicators, schedules, due/overdue activities, or other valuable data
  • Use simple drag-and-drop functionality to configure your dashboard
  • Build multiple dashboard ‘views’, allowing you to group your data in ways that make sense to you (i.e.: an OHS manager may have different dashboards for safety, occupational health, and environmental indicators) ; select a default view that is displayed every time you log-in
  • Place up to 9 items on each dashboard ‘view’

  • Build dashboard graphs using Medgate’s metrics or report writer tools, or choose from a list of pre-built options
  • View data as a bar graph, pie chart, dial, or interactive list
  • Access system records directly from the interactive lists on your dashboard (schedules, to-do lists, due activities, etc.)
  • Provide users with the ability to create their own dashboards (they will only be able to access reports to which they have been granted security rights)

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