“Our use of the Medgate system was really helpful when one of our sites faced an OSHA injury/illness recordkeeping audit. We were able to quickly produce all OSHA injury records and logs requested by the inspector. I'm convinced the easy accessibility as well as the completeness of the Medgate injury records module contributed to an expeditious and successful audit.”
Steve Schmidt
Manager, Health, Safety and Environment

Dade Behring

“We have found all of the Medgate staff to be extremely professional, proactively helpful and a pleasure to work with during the implementation of our new system. We are extremely pleased with the new system and anticipate reaping business benefits as we start to use the system.”
Kathleen Aslett
WCB Claims Management Officer, OSH Department

BC Ferry Services

“I shared the letter with our senior management as well as our site President expressing to them what a first class company I deal with. It continues to be a pleasure doing business with Medgate. I look forward to many more years.”
Marci Horner

Westinghouse Savannah River

“Thank you all and those behind the scenes for putting in a tremendous effort to fix and resolve the issues. As we continue to implement the audiometric program at all of our other US locations, we look forward to a smooth glitch free process.”
Faiyaz A. Bhojani, MD, DrPH, FACP
Director, Occupational & Clinical Medicine

Shell Health Services

I LOVE MEDGATE! It is making sense of the data. Thanks for your answers.”
Trudy J. Rumann, NP

Marriott International

“The Medgate program is a very logical application and easy to navigate through. When compared to other programs, we found Medgate user friendly. Thank you to the Medgate implementation team for all of your assistance and attention to the customers' needs.”
Cynthia E. Vona DDS, MD.
Senior Medical Director

Bristol-Myers Squibb

“As Occupational Health & Medical Coordinator for Colorado Springs Utilities I have been working with the Medgate application and their support staff for the past three years. We have rapidly upgraded to the 5.0 Web software and have become a near paperless EMR operation. This has greatly enhanced our ability to quickly and legibly store, retrieve and track medical data. Each version has improved functionality due in large part to the company's willingness to take input from their yearly users' conference and implement it. The support staff has been readily available and quite helpful throughout the upgrade process, providing training and help in getting things working just right. Thanks everyone, great job!”
Kyle C. Akers, M.D.
Occupational Health & Medical Coordinator

Colorado Springs Utilities

“My opinion is that we could have never made it through our OSHA injury/illness recordkeeping audit inspection as fast as we did without accurate, neat and concise recordkeeping, all of which was provided through the Medgate solution. It speaks volumes for how valuable the software is.”
Paul Moss
Vice-President, Global Health, Safety and Environment

Dade Behring

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the Medgate upgrades. Most markedly was the change in the way we are able to conduct our medical surveillances. The system now produces a monthly report which accurately captures the employees and all their HEGs. This has made surveillance tracking very easy and we are much more efficient and able to save both my staff's time and our employees time by decreasing the number of visits through its use. Most thrilling is the fact that we are now current in our tracking and we are able to perform the work in a very methodical and manageable fashion.”
Jean Long
Occupational Health Services Manager

Chiron Corporation

“I would like to convey our appreciation for a job well done...The exchange of information and gap analysis for the implementation of the Medgate Safety Module was exceptional. I cannot stress enough the high degree of professionalism and knowledge provided by your Medgate Client Service Manager, Tanya Bose. Candid discussions, seeing how different WSRC organizations operate and knowing our needs and customer expectations provided interaction, feedback and work around solutions… All parties walked away with added value for Medgate and how it can improve optimum performance and organizational effectiveness.”
John Wehr

Washington Savannah River Company

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