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This whitepaper, written by Chrissy Ellis, Medgate's Product Manager, OH, describes some of the ways that Medgate can integrate data between its different software suites, and highlights the benefits of selecting one complete and comprehensive solution for your EHS data, rather than relying on separate products for each individual department within your organization.

This feature guide will detail the 5 features you should be looking for when choosing OH&S software for your organization to ensure your data is safe and secure.

The decision between building a new OH&S data management system internally, or purchasing one from a third-party vendor can be a difficult one. We have created this guide to detail some of the advantages of buying an integrated OH&S software solution.

This study from the Human Resources consultancy Watson Wyatt Worldwide reveals that clients realize striking cost savings from the implementation of Medgate solutions. Learn how Medgate can help your organization reap these same benefits.

As organizations move away from their old legacy systems to more dynamic ERP applications, they begin to face challenges with translating their traditional flat organizational structure to a hierarchical one. Preliminary difficulties and potentially higher configuration costs deter many project managers. However, the long term benefits can heavily outweigh the initial drawbacks. This whitepaper will discuss some of the benefits that can be achieved with a well-designed hierarchy at the core of an application.

As an OH&S professional in a corporate environment, the boardroom level of strategic mergers and spin-offs can add an additional level of complexity to an already demanding job, as the strategic decisions made at the upper levels can have a real impact on how you handle your data. When your company decides to diversify into smaller entities or, conversely, takes part in a merger, there are real challenges that you will be faced with OH&S data management. This whitepaper will help to educate you on these challenges.

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