Industrial Hygienists

Medate’s Industrial Hygiene suite is developed with guidance from certified industrial hygienists (such as Monica Melkonian, MS, CIH) and is purpose-built to help you overcome your industrial hygiene challenges.

Our deep understanding of critical industrial hygiene processes comes from decades of experience of helping hygienists like you, implementing our software into organizations across many industries in many countries.

We recognize that the management of similar exposure groups is a central part of your role. It’s a complicated task, requiring a huge volume of time and effort, but it is critical in providing a healthy work environment that exceeds the minimum standards for exposures. That’s why we’ve developed Medgate to ease the burden. You can automatically enroll and remove employees from SEGs based on configurable profiles that interfaces directly with your HRIS. Medgate customers, such as CSX Transportation, are ensuring regulatory compliance while significantly reducing time and effort (and saving literally thousands of dollars).

Defining Similar Exposure GroupsCSX Case StudyIndustrial Hygiene Suite

We understand that you can only highlight potential exposures if you have effective risk assessment procedures in place. Our risk assessment module provides you with the tools you need to quickly and easily document and prioritize risk.

Your sample data is only as good as the equipment you use to collect it. We understand the frustration caused when you have to redo samples as a result of miscalibration. Since every IH has to calibrate and inspect equipment, Medgate automates the process as much as possible. You can set schedules so that you are automatically notified whenever your equipment needs to be inspected or maintained, so you can be sure that your sample data is robust and your equipment reliable.

Risk assessment: the critical importance of harmonization and accuracyNoise induced hearing loss and hearing conservationIntegration and Automation of the IH Workflow

We know that the most valuable resource you have is your time, so we’ve ensured that Medgate provides standard canned IH reports. Rather than spending days every month collating and wrangling data, Medgate allows you to spend minutes. The accuracy of your reports will increase and, most importantly, you can shift your focus to other activities.

To find out more about how Medgate supports Industrial Hygienists, check out our Industrial Hygiene Resource Library. Our whitepapers, case studies and video content are created and curated by Medgate’s subject matter experts, and will give you the tools you need to ensure that your employees return home safe at the end of the day.

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