Medical Director

Medgate’s Occupational Health suite is developed with guidance from certified occupational health professionals (such as Debra Caughron, RN, COHN-S/CM). It is purpose-built to help you overcome your occupational health challenges.

Our software has been supporting Medical Directors for decades, providing them with the platform they need to manage the practices related to occupational health. We believe in proactive health surveillance, and have a deep understanding of the processes and tools required to ensure that employees remain healthy.

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We know that the easiest way to improve the impact of your clinic’s activities is to ensure that your clinical staff are spending the majority of their time with patients, rather than dealing with time-consuming paperwork and management activities. Our automated surveillance management tool helps to ensure compliance with surveillance protocols across all jobs and locations. It keeps supervisors informed of upcoming activities for their employees and helps to ensure regulatory compliance. We also work with our partners to provide interfaces for commonly utilized medical testing equipment, ensuring improvement in data accuracy and consistency. By having the ability to upload your testing results directly into an employee record, you can make significant time savings.

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Medgate customers, worldwide, are using our software to bring data and process consistency to their clinics over many different sites. By using a single centralized and standardized system, they are able to observe and be responsive to data trends, such as the tasks that are dominating employee time, or commonalities in injuries and accidents.

We understand the challenges involved in trying to improve employee engagement in occupational health management, so we’ve created Portal for employees to view occupational medical records and schedule appointments. It both reduces administration time for clinical staff and helps to drive a culture of health and safety within your organization.

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