Safety Professional

Medgate’s Safety Suite is developed with guidance from certified safety professionals (such as John Easton, CRSP, MHSc) and is purpose-built to help you overcome your safety challenges.

We know that reducing injury rates is a priority for you and your team. Medgate offers a workflow driven safety and incident management system, giving you real-time data access so that you can compare injury rates for all of your facilities. Our customers, companies such as LL Bean, John Deere and Toyota Tsusho, are using Medgate to improve their incident management today.

Medgate's Safety SuiteToyota Tsusho America: Standardizing and streamlining EHSEffective involvement of supervisors in your safety management system

We understand that being able to quickly respond to incidents and immediately undertake investigations gets better results. That’s why we’ve developed Medgate Portal to simplify employee submission of events. That means a single location, a simple submission form, and a straightforward interface. All of which improves data accuracy, increases employee engagement and more EHS data to work with.

After the submission of an event, Medgate has automated workflows that immediately notify the correct employees. No more weeklong delays before investigations can begin. No more broken lines of communication. No more missed opportunities for improvement.

Our team has been implementing safety software for decades. We have a deep understanding of what a best in class event reporting process looks like, and our software supports it.

We know that your incident investigation efforts will be in vain without the correct management of corrective and preventative actions. Medgate provides a platform for the assignment, monitoring and completion of corrective actions. You can leverage automated email reminders and ensure that employees don’t overlook related tasks.

Keeping pace with EHS compliance managementUsing an automated system to measure (and improve) safety culture5 ways to improve safety behavior

We recognize that to engage management, you need to be able to report on the effects of your safety programs. Medgate provides you with shareable dashboards of customizable KPIs and metrics so that you can share critical data with executives, ensuring their support.

To find out more about how you can improve your safety management systems, check out our Safety Resource Library. Our whitepapers, case studies and video content are created and curated by Medgate’s subject matter experts, and will give you the tools you need to keep your employees safer.

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