Industrial Hygiene Software

Simplify Industrial Hygiene Management And Exposure Assessment

Medgate’s advanced Industrial Hygiene software suite enables industrial hygienists to effectively identify hazards and mitigate risks to promote a healthy work environment.

Developed by Medgate’s own certified industrial hygienists (CIHs) with input from respected IH leaders at our client companies, the Medgate IH Suite responds intuitively and effectively to the unique requirements of industrial hygiene professionals. By using Medgate, hygienists will not only productively and proactively manage IH data, but will be empowered to clearly demonstrate the value of industrial hygiene within their organizations.

Key Benefits of the Medgate Industrial Hygiene Software Suite

By using Medgate’s Industrial Hygiene software suite, you can:

    • Harmonize and streamline EHS workflows, processes, and best practices (for monitoring, surveys, risk assessments, findings and actions, etc.)
    • Break down communication barriers with other EHS departments through data integration and centralization
    • Manage all quantitative and qualitative exposure assessment data in one central database to clearly identify hazards and evaluate risk
    • Automatically produce job hazard analyses based on exposure assessments and provide recommended controls by job position
    • Efficiently set up appropriate monitoring plans based on exposure assessments and track the progress of monitoring activities against your pre-defined targets

  • Leverage business intelligence tools including findings and actions, the Dashboard, business rules, and automatic e-mail notifications (for example, automatically notifying employees of monitoring results) to work more productively
  • Interface directly with laboratories for efficient tracking and evaluation of lab analyses
  • Manage all Industrial Hygiene equipment with automatic calibration reminders.
  • Network with an esteemed group of industrial hygiene professionals through Medgate’s User Community, User Group Conferences, and other educational opportunities



Medgate’s Industrial Hygiene modules provide the industrial hygiene professional with a complete and invaluable tool set for managing all of their activities in one repository. Click one of the modules below to learn more.

Industrial Hygiene Software Suite Modules

Click on one of the modules below to learn more.

EquipmentProvides industrial hygienists with the ability to comprehensively manage a wide variety of equipment that should be tracked, calibrated, inspected or maintained.
Hearing Fit TestingDeveloped by industrial hygiene professionals, the Hearing Fit Testing module in Medgate’s Industrial Hygiene Suite is an important tool for helping IH professionals manage all aspects of their hearing conservation programs.
Laboratory RequisitionThis module enables the results of IH samples to be quickly and efficiently uploaded and stored in the Medgate system.
MonitoringThis robust module enables you to streamline the collection and storage of quantitative sample data and perform comprehensive analysis to support the management and mitigation of exposures.
Qualitative Exposure AssessmentThis module will enable you to efficiently plan and build industrial hygiene risk assessment programs and perform ongoing analysis to continuously evaluate and effectively mitigate risk.
Respirator Fit TestingThis module is an important tool to help safety and hygiene professionals manage all aspects of their respirator fit programs.
SEG ManagementThis module is an effective tool to help hygienists streamline the management of similar exposure groups.
SurveyThis module is a powerful tool to help industrial hygienists create effective quantitative sampling plans based on qualitative risk assessment data.
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