Medgate’s powerful metrics toolset is the solution to your ever-changing data and reporting needs. It will help you clearly set and track key performance indicators and gain other meaningful business insights from your EHS data. With these tools you can perform dynamic analysis on various measures, including not only the data you collect using Medgate’s software modules but also your own company-specific, custom metrics.

Key Features and Benefits

Medgate’s robust metrics toolset has 2 key components:

Custom EHS Metrics

  • Create and track measures that are specific to your operations (e.g., inspection targets, incident targets, energy usage, benchmark values, etc.)
  • Define your custom EHS metrics by code, description, unit of measure, start/end date, recurrence frequency, and/or complex formulas
  • Use formulas to combine multiple measures together for calculated metrics
  • Create and assign qualitative metrics for reporting qualitative sustainability information
  • Build, aggregate, and visualize metrics using a convenient tree structure

  • Assign a metric entry/completion to multiple locations/assignees in your organization
  • Effectively manage and track metrics campaigns (groups of metrics with the same assignees, recurrence frequencies, and locations)
  • Automatically send notifications and reminders to metrics assignees to aid in entry/completion compliance
  • Provide metrics assignees with a simple user-friendly interface for entering/viewing all due, overdue, and completed entries

Data Cube

  • Easily create and refine data tables and graphs by dragging and dropping from lists of measures, dimensions and filters
  • Aggregate and view data at various levels using tree functionality
  • Combine/compare multiple measures in one table/graph
  • Hide rows or columns of data from the tables/graphs
  • Combine graph types; display rolling averages
  • Customize your Data Cube graphs (background color, fonts, various options for the formatting of the x and y-axes, etc.)

  • Combine/compare Medgate system measures (e.g., incident counts) with your own custom measures (e.g., incident targets)
  • Track/compare measures over a specified period (e.g., a particular month, a fiscal quarter) year over year
  • On the same graph, use a second y-axis to compare two related measures that differ in magnitude
  • Pin graphs to your dashboard and/or share them with other users; drill down / filter Data Cube parameters directly from your dashboard

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