Questionnaires – Workplace Health and Safety Surveys

The Questionnaire module is an important component of all of the Medgate software suites.

Key Benefits of the Questionnaire Module

This module will enable you to:

  • Create EHS questionnaires for any purpose: surveys, risk assessments, sampling checklists, equipment management etc.
  • Track company-specific data that isn’t logically tracked elsewhere in the application
  • Attach questionnaire responses to any other record in the application

  • Gather information from across your workforce using a simple online questionnaire link
  • Analyze questionnaire data using Medgate’s other Business Intelligence tools

Key Components

The Questionnaire module offers the following features:

Creating & Using Questionnaires

  • Define any type of question (Y/N, Numeric, Multiple Choice, Text, Date or Table Look-up) to be added to a questionnaire
  • Classify the questions into categories for easy reference
  • Create a question library so that you can add the same question to many questionnaires
  • Add headers/footers, company logos and default answers to a questionnaire
  • Attach images to any question within a questionnaire
  • Utilize scoring functionality to enhance data analysis
  • Insert complex formulas into questionnaires to support/simulate various EHS assessment tools
  • Attach questionnaires to any record in the Medgate system
  • Build intelligence into your questionnaire strategy and processes by configuring Findings & Actions to be generated from certain question responses

Public Questionnaires

  • Send employees a standalone link that allows them to complete and submit questionnaires directly to the Medgate system (they will not have access to any other records in the system)
  • View all responses for questionnaires to which you have access
  • Post a questionnaire once you have reviewed it and made any applicable changes

Metrics and Reporting

  • Analyze responses by either the source questionnaire or individual question, with the option to graph the data
  • Incorporate functionality and complex formulas into your questionnaires that will enable you to perform analytical scoring
  • Manipulate / chart / report on questionnaire data using Medgate’s versatile Business Intelligence tools

Integration Points

The Questionnaire module is a valuable component of all of the Medgate software suites and integrates with several modules in each.

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