Report Writer

The Medgate Report Writer is a flexible tool that allows for ad hoc EHS reporting on virtually any data tracked in the Medgate system.

Key Features and Benefits of Medgate’s Report Writer Tool

  • Effectively drill down through data sets and create your own reports that can be viewed on screen, exported to Excel or PDF, or emailed
  • Save reports so they can be used for future queries of the same data set
  • Share reports so others can use them to create their own queries; reports can be configured to mine only the data that pertains to the user running the report
  • Ensure EHS reporting integrity with security settings that limit access to sensitive reports and/or data; for example, allow only the creator of a report to make edits to it, while others can copy the report and save it under a different name

  • Define exactly how different data sets will relate to each other and how the data will be filtered, sorted, grouped, displayed (table, chart, radial gauge, etc.) and if/how totals will be included (for example, each column will have a subtotal and a grand total will be provided)
  • Pin any report you have created to your Dashboard; the Dashboard report will be updated in real time
  • Use Report Scheduler to schedule reports to run at specified times and be delivered to an individual or distribution list
  • Through Report Writer’s support of OData, use other applications to externally manipulate and report on your Medgate data

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