Medgate Portal

Through a simplified user interface, Portal makes it easy for employees who do not typically use Medgate to complete EHS tasks (such as the submission of event reports and the completion of questionnaires), schedule appointments, and keep track of their medical data. Portal provides additional employees with access to a subset of Medgate workflows—improving data quality, reporting, and occupational health and safety across the organization.

Key Benefits of Medgate Portal

Portal enables your organization’s employees to:

  • Find the Medgate-related items assigned to a particular user all in one convenient location. Streamlined navigation makes it easier to complete various forms and questionnaires.
  • Report events and complete questionnaires faster and easier than ever. Simplified workflows mean that all users can complete actions in three steps or less. Users are provided with access to information and tasks that are pertinent to them only, which makes the application even more user-friendly.
  • Quickly schedule medical test appointments. Calendars are automatically updated with the availability of both the user and the clinic, so that appointments can be made without the need for multiple communications between supervisors, employees, and clinic staff.
  • Send messages to clinicians and physicians within a particular medical center. Communications relating to occupational health and safety can be accessed in one convenient location.
  • Utilize a configurable overview of all of their medical information. Depending Medgate’s settings, users can view all of the data in Medgate that relates to them, from allergies and immunizations to medication and prescription details.
  • Leverage most of Medgate Portal’s functionality while on the go. A version of Portal is now available for use on tablets and mobile phones.
  • Work on questionnaires (including audits, inspections, and surveys) while offline. Users can now work on and save questionnaires while offline, and submit them when back online.

Key Components of Medgate Portal

Portal is made up of the following components:


Inbox is the central hub for communications within Portal. It allows for communication between users and the medical clinicians and physicians that share the same health center, between an event reporter and the individuals responsible for the resulting incident investigation, etc. By placing communications front and center, Inbox reduces the number of missed appointments, encourages the completion of outstanding tasks, and keeps users informed regarding health and safety within their organization.


Once the user has logged in using their unique user ID (or has automatically signed in with SSO authentication), MyWork presents a complete list of the questionnaires and tasks that have been assigned to the user. These items are filtered by their current status: not yet due, due, overdue, and complete.

For the first time in Medgate, the progress of questionnaire completion can be saved, so questionnaires no longer have to be completed in one sitting. Whereas previous workflows would require the user to select the appropriate questionnaire from a list, MyWork ensures that the employee’s Inbox contains only those questionnaires relevant to the employee, and it does so without any loss of functionality. Users can still complete questionnaires as they did before, if they prefer.

Since MyWork associates each questionnaire with a unique user ID, accountability is increased, which will in turn increase the quality of data submitted. Also, Portal’s intuitive user interface means that all tasks are clearly visible, which ensures that outstanding tasks are not forgotten, without the need for multiple reminders from supervisors.


Portal’s custom-built scheduling manager allows for the straightforward scheduling of medical tests and appointments as they relate to exposure groups and other scheduling activities. Users are able to make appointments for tests that are relevant to them only, and at times that are available and convenient for both themselves and the medical center. Approval of appointments is built into the Portal workflow, removing the need for communication between the employee, supervisor, and medical clinic. Appointments may also be scheduled directly by supervisors for their employees. Scheduling removes a lot of work from clinics, significantly reducing the number of missed, rescheduled, and double-booked appointments.


MyRecords provides a configurable overview of all of the signed medical records within the Medgate system for an individual user. All prescribed medications can be listed, with details such as dosage, frequency, date of administration, and the number of refills that are available. MyRecords can also detail all allergies identified for the user, all immunizations, a complete lab result history, and any outstanding appointments. Users can quickly and easily check the accuracy of medical information relating to them in Medgate, without having to navigate through multiple modules and views.

Event Reporting

Portal simplifies event reporting for all types of safety and environmental events. Users can now complete any number of forms for multiple event types, all within a simple interface. Users can also save events for later submission and see all of the events they have previously submitted. By making event submission easier than ever, Portal increases the amount of safety and environmental data entered into Medgate, which will in turn help improve the effectiveness of corrective actions.



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