Training Software Suite

Medgate’s Training Software Suite provides EHS professionals with the ability to easily manage course details and participation activity for general safety training as well as training courses required for various surveillance programs.

Key Benefits of the Medgate Training Software Suite:

Medgate’s Training Software Suite will enable you to:

  • Streamline the management of all training/education courses
  • Promote attendance at courses by sending automatic recall notifications to employees who are due to attend courses
  • Manage costs relating to training courses for simple cost tracking and cost recovery

  • Track all documents relating to courses and employee participation, including certificates, course materials, and sign-in sheets
  • Ensure employees receive required training by automatically adding them to a course based on demographic data, job position, or surveillance group

Training Software Suite Modules

The Training Software Suite has three modules:

Course Documents

  • Maintain a central inventory of all training-related documents
  • Attach related documents to course records, including agendas, MS-PowerPoint presentations, worksheets, sign-in sheets, etc.

  • Link related documents to the employee record once an employee has participated in a course, i.e.: quiz results and completion certificates
  • Track all pertinent information relating to the document including document type, date, the recipient, the reviewer, notes, etc.

Course Management

  • Create and define training/education sessions as meets your requirements
  • Automatically notify/recall employees for due or overdue training based on certification requirements and/or medical surveillance programs (see the Medical Surveillance Recalls module); run reports to monitor participation based on recall group
  • Track important course information on one record, including the session type, course subject matter, date, specific occupational need, department requesting the session, and number of attendees
  • For courses with small attendance, use an abbreviated ‘quick form’ to efficiently capture just the basic/most relevant course data

  • Easily add attendees to a course by demographics (job role, location, etc.) or occupational surveillance exposure group
  • Record all attendees who were expected to attend / who actually attended the course
  • Track grades and pass/fail data as applicable for each attendee
  • Manage cost recovery for a session by tracking preparation hours, travel/accommodation, presentation times, number of classes presented per day, hand-out materials, etc.
  • Create course batches for easy data entry (if the same course is repeated many times, you enter the course data once and then simply specify each date, or a recurrence)

Respirator Fit Training

  • View all respirator models that an employee has been trained to use, the training dates, and recall dates for retraining
  • Automatically recall employees for yearly training using auto-email notifications; you may also define a different recall date based on your requirements

  • View a summary of all respirators on which the employee has completed training, and the respirators on which he/she is due for training
  • View the employee’s work restrictions as recorded in various Occupational Health Suite modules




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